Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Hey there!

Good news on the wedding planning forefront -- we have found our dream photographer and we're in the process of booking him/her! More details to follow once we've made it legit.

Right now Chris and I have been exploring color palettes for various rooms as we think about our registry. You all know I am obsessed with the seafoam/turquoise palette. So, this is a little style board I am working on for our kitchen.

If you have any ideas about where to register, let me know. We need to figure that out soon!

2. Kitchen Aid
3. Bed Bath & Beyond
4. Bed Bath & Beyond
5. Design Within Reach
6. Design Within Reach
7. English Creek Gardens


  1. Love it! Where did you get the colors at the bottom of the page????

  2. The actual colors are just from the layout I created using the eyedropper tool and adjusting a little here and there. Were you wondering if they were actual paint colors? I bet the Martha Stewart paint collection would have some similar colors! :)


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