Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daisy Days

Daisies are fun because they are simple, flirty, and youthful. My boyfriend gave me a beautiful bouquet of daisies for Valentine's Day. What a sweet man. 

According to Pioneer Thinking, Daisies represent innocence. I'd say they are the perfect gift for a friend or family member if you're thinking of spreading a little love around. 

Have a sweet day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspirational Magnet

If any of you watch The Middle on ABC, you've fallen in love with the eccentric and nerdy daughter, Sue Heck. She tries out for every team and always gets cut. Eventually, she joins the "no-cut" cross country team. If you've kept up with the show, you've seen her wear her cross country jersey for this entire season. What a trooper. Anyways, there's this episode where Sue finds an inspirational magnet at a local drugstore and desperately wants her dad to buy it for her. When he refuses, she resorts to stealing the magnet, but later breaks down in the car with her mother and wimpers, "I stole an inspirational magnet! I'm a stealer!"

The point is, here's my "Inspirational Magnet" of the day.

Be My Valentine

I do have to brag a little. My boyfriend actually gave me the pillowcase last year for Valentines Day. It makes me think of him every time I lay down to sleep. Valentine's Day is really an excuse to openly enjoy everything in my favorite color, pink! 

While most of you are enjoying your evening with your honey, I'll be serving prime rib and cabernet sauvignon to starry eyed lovers. Wish me luck! At least I have someone really special who took me out for a fabulous PF Chang's indulgence last night. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Terima Kasih, Guru!

So, I was looking at my stats for this blog and noticed that I have a nice handful of viewers from Malaysia. Interesting, because I used to live in Malaysia as a child. I lived in Kuala Lumpur from age seven to nine. It was an incredible experience. I will never forget the smells of the city, including Durian, which is the stinkiest fruit ever--not even allowed in hotel rooms (see picture below).

I loved it being summer 24/7 and the rambutan tree in the backyard. My dad even created this makeshift contraption that would hook onto the rambutans high up in the tree, cut their vine, and place them in a little basket.  

I spent an hour or so digging up old photographs of my family in Malasia. I thought I'd let you see some baby pictures (just this once!)

Please ignore my unruly bangs--I've admittedly been crying over a traffic ticket I got earlier today. Bleh.

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