Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gift Ideas for Your Man


It has been a whole month since I've posted! I can't believe it...life just gets crazy!

While I have been away from 'Tis So Sweet, my readers/hits have been growing and I received 1,500 hits on Monday -- that's my all time highest! Thank you for your support. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm already brainstorming what to get my guy. I put together a little gift list to get you thinking about what to get that special guy in your life. Enjoy!

1. Beard Oil for your man's hipster stache
2. Man Soap to get your man smelling especially manly
3. iPad Case that disguises itself as an old book...book thieves will find a pricey surprise inside
4. Candles that come in manly smells like pizza, sawdust, and gunpowder
5. Leather Messenger Bag that only looks manlier the more he uses it
6. Graphic Toothbrush Holder that complements your recent aztec obsession (in a manly way, of course)

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