Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorbet Chic Style

I've been thinking that it's time I give you a hint as to what we're planning for our wedding. I can't give everything away, seeing that we have a couple tricks up our sleeve.

What we really desire is a relaxing evening for all of our closest friends and family as we share our special day together. We don't any stuffiness or weird traditions that include drunk men and garters. We want everything to feel natural and organic in the sense that the whole event flows together as one dynamic, intimate, whimsical day. We want our photographer to capture the goofy grins on our faces as well as the sweet, quiet moments with each other and our families.

We don't want our day to feel like a carbon copy of the couple who got married at the same venue the week prior, nor do we want to feel rushed or unimportant. We want our day to be memorable, personalized, thought through, and just plain old magical, dangit!

So, on the road to creating a wedding masterpiece, we've chosen peach/coral to be our color of choice. And yes, I have been pinning my faves on Pinterest like crazy. Here's a few to give you an idea of what we are planning:

3. Forage

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  1. Coral is one of my absolute favourite colours, it will make for a gorgeous wedding theme :)


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