Saturday, November 17, 2012

Windy Nights

Grab a skirt and umbrella and head outside to Mary Poppins in the sky. The weather is blustery tonight.

I'm glad that Chris and I didn't buy chimes today...something about wind and chimes reminds me of the M. Night Shyamalan movie Signs.  Chills.

As a graphic designer, I'm always trying to use my design programs for everything. Lately, it's been interior design and home decor. I wish I was proficient in AutoCAD, but that's pretty far down on the to-learn list. Here I sit working on Christmas decor mock-ups right now.

Chris and I spent the afternoon at this place called The Barn. It's every tchotchke loving mom's paradise. Between the mantels filled with floral arrangements, vines, and vases of all sizes there are some good finds. Plus, they have a whole building dedicated to Christmas decor. Later, we hit up Hobby Lobby with all of their 50% off Christmas merchandise. I'm trying to hold off until next week to put it all up. I'm so excited to decorate our first place.

Hope you keep your feet on the ground this windy evening...

Photo Credit: Jaz Marsh
1. ModCloth
2. Target
3. Hunter Boots
4. ModCloth

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