Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yellow & Gray Styleboard

Chelsea is no longer updating 'Tis So Sweet, but you can find her on her new blog, Rosario Creative Co.

So, I am in the process of looking for a new apartment. 
I am excited and set on this yellow + gray theme.
It's feminine meets masculine.
Happy. Like sunshine.
It includes a lot of geometric patterns paired with ruffles and natural textures.
Clean & homey. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Laptop Tote Bags

Okay, I'll admit I'm lugging around a masculine canvas computer bag because it has all the perksa pocket for my mouse/charger and inside pockets for additional folders and papers. However, I realized that I wouldn't be too thrilled to lug that into a meeting with a client. I wanted something stylish but functional. There are actually a lot of cute bags online. Pricey...yes. Nonetheless, they exist. So, here's a collection of some somewhat pricey and affordable computer bags that will impress clients and employers alike.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Orange Mocha Frappuccino!

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Nashville called JJ's Cafe & Market just charging my Macbook and people watching when I came across these little treats. One Tree Coffee Co.'s iced coffee is bottled daily, so the packaging design allows baristas to write the specifics of each coffee directly on the label. Too bad it's in New South Wales. So, all you of readers from Australia [not the UK, as I ignorantly said before I was politely corrected by Kt], go drink one for me. 

Pillows and Amps

So, here I am in Nashville. I'm sitting in an almost furniture-less room among pillows, pedals, and amps as two of my long lost friends are jamming out on the acoustic and electric. 

A year and a half ago, this was my everyday life. The only worry on my mind was writing that "perfect" song or performing without a hitch. So much has changed. I'm pursuing life as a graphic artist, amongst many other things. However, I'm realizing that along the way that I've lost my passion for writing, recording, and performing. 

I've been going through a writing dry spell in the last few months, due to putting music on the back burner. Even sitting here I just want to go grab a guitar and write for like ten hours. Being around musicians is just so contagious. I need times like these to wake up the words and melodies that are in hibernation in my head. 

As I packed for this trip, I found myself being a little bit of a graphic design addict. I actually made a pretty little organized list of all my items. My own personal inventory. 

I apologize for the randomness of this post, but I'm just relaxing and taking in all the music surrounding me--I couldn't help but share this happy, excited, mesmerized feeling. The end. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sum Moah Please

You know what  I'm craving at this very moment? One of these little high-calorie chewy coconutty confections that only grace our presence once a year. My family and I brought one of these boxes to the beach this weekend and devoured it in like two minutes. Literally. We killed that box of delicious Samoas.

Speaking of Samoas, why are they now called Caramel deLites?
First of all, deLite is spelled wrong. Second, they are far from "light" in calories. 
According to the always accurate Wikipedia, the name "Samoas" is presumably an allusion to the tropical island of Samoa, due to the tropical ingredients of coconut and cocoa. Duh.

The name change was due to the Girl Scouts switching bakers from Little Brownie Bakers, a subsidiary of Keebler, to ABC Bakers. Little Brownie Bakers owned the name "Samoas," so ABC Bakers had to go with Caramel deLites.

Random tidbit for yah. Here are a few more mouthwatering photos of Girl Scout cookies.

What? A Samoa cupcake! Yum.

Okay, I just remembered that I thought they were called Samoas for the same reason S'mores are called S'mores. It's just like S'more with a Boston accent. 

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