Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pottery Barn DIY

When I was preparing to go to college, I spent my days flipping through Pottery Barn and Target magazines. I was infatuated with damask (that swirly chandelier pattern) and anything hot pink. I'll never forget the first Facebook conversation I had with my new roommate. She told me, "I don't care how we decorate, as long as everything isn't hot pink." By then I had already purchased my pink and black polka dotted quilt, pink throw, and pink microplush body pillow. There was no turning back.

While looking through a Pottery Barn magazine, I stumbled across an adorable cork board with customizable fabric squares. The price was something outrageous--I think like $300. My dad, Mr. Handyman, told me that we could design and build it together. So we did. My dad attached white crown molding to a square piece of plywood while I picked out quilting swatches at JoAnne Fabrics, which I stapled over square cork pieces. I loved that thing. It traveled with me from dorm room to dorm room.

Since my move, it has remained leaning against my window for a few weeks now. I've come to realize I've graduated from hot pink, polka dots, and flourishes to turquoise, coral, shabby chic, and lace. Boyfriend and I are in the process of peeling off the old cork board so I can attach new fabrics that match my room.

Here's the projected new patterns. I'll try to uncover an old picture of the original board. 

Oh, and the most creative element is the pegs that fit in the holes in the white plywood--I use them as necklace holders!

I'll keep ya updated on the progress. 
Here are the fabrics I used:

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